ITOS Solutions Limited was incorporated on 1st February 2004. Since then we have been successfully operating as the IT service provider for a number of companies in the Shannon region and Ennis. The majority of our clients have been with us since the start. We feel that this is testament to the great service that we provide.

Not only have our clients longevity as customers but so too does the ITOS team led by Gordon Hamilton-Jones (Managing Director and founder). Our clients feel safe and secure in the knowledge that the ITOS team understand their business as well as their IT needs.

What Do We Do

We provide ‘on-site’ and ‘remote’ support, dependent on our clients individual needs, performing both preventative maintenance and reactive responsive maintenance.

For a more detailed description of our services please go to our ‘Services’ page.

ITOS Solutions limited comprise a small but highly efficient team of customer focused IT technicians who not only understand the IT issues relating to keeping the systems and networks running efficiently whilst maximising ‘Up-Time’, but also take pride in understanding the client’s business needs, and individual users needs and nuances.

Our client base comprises both Multi National and SME companies, some single office, others multiple offices.

A number of our clients report to head offices who in turn have their own internal IT department and as such ITOS work directly with the external IT department to ensure IT policies and procedures of the parent company are adhered to and implemented.

ITOS also has a close relationship with an Ennis based ‘Disaster Recovery / Work Area Recovery Site’, where we manage clients ‘Hot Site’ infrastructure and also assist in Disaster recovery testing.

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ITOS solutions for all your IT needs

“Since 2004, ITOS has provided IT technical support to ELFC, both to its main office in Shannon and also to satellite offices in Boston, London, Singapore along with remote based staff at a number of other locations. Gordon and his team provide a high quality and flexible service to ELFC and have consistently applied those standards in supporting our operation which has more than doubled in size in the time since we first contracted with ITOS.”

Richard Hough
Executive Vice President Technical
Engine Lease Finance Corporation